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Lakeside Vets first anniversary

We have great reason to celebrate as September 2012 marks the first anniversary of the opening of Lakeside Veterinary Surgery!
We’ve come a long way during the last 12 months with the launch of our website, our Pet Health Club and, most recently, our online shop.
As we look forward to the next 12 months we wish to say a big thank you to all of our clients.

Vaccine amnesty aims to keep Swansea’s pets healthy

Our Veterinary Surgeon, Andrew Burgess, is committed to improving the health of the region’s pets. As a result, throughout July 2012 we are offering reduced price vaccinations for all dogs and cats whose vaccination has lapsed. Pets will receive a full vaccination course against the main diseases for the price of a booster during the July event, offering a saving of up to £35. Find out more about our vaccine amnesty.

June is National Microchip Month

At Lakeside Veterinary Surgery we believe that every pet should have a microchip. During National Microchip Month 2012 we are offering this service for £10. Please call us if you want to book your pet in for chip. Find out more about how pet microchips work.

Rabbit owners: Myxomatosis alert

We are experiencing an outbreak of Myxomatosis in the area. Usually fatal, this disease can be prevented by a simple vaccination and annual booster to maintain protection. Find out more about the importance of vaccination for your rabbit.

All pets will be pleased to know that Lakeside Vets has opened…

Lakeside Vets is the new independent veterinary practice with state of the art equipment and a team of friendly, caring professionals all working to ensure the best for every client.

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