Cat advice leaflets from the Feline Advisory Bureau

The following helpful FAB care and advice leaflets are available to download as PDFs:

Winter hazards

We have produced a helpful guide to common festive/winter hazards that could potentially harm your pet.

Please download our Winter Hazards PDF leaflet.

Christmas can be difficult for pets too!

The mental health charity MIND say that 1 in 5 people find Christmas difficult to cope with, and 50% of Christmas shoppers are reported to have dangerously high blood pressure!

The festive period doesn’t just affect people – many pets are also affected by the changes and unusual events at this time. We have written a handy PDF guide explaining why pets are unsettled at Christmas and what can be done to help.

Bang!!! Fireworks frighten animals!!!

Bonfire night, and of course the days and sometimes weeks that surround it, can be a very scary time for our beloved pets. Some animals don’t seem to be bothered, however, some animals appear a lot more sensitive to noise and unusual sounds. They can panic and cause distress for themselves and families.

Download our PDF fireworks guide to what you can do as an owner to help prevent or manage anxiety and fearful behaviour, which may be shown by your pet.

Be aware of toxic plants

There are a number of plants – both indoors and outdoors – that can be dangerous to pets. We have compiled lists of plants that are toxic to dogscats and rabbits and which should be avoided.

If you are suspicious that your pet may have ingested one of the plants listed please contact your vet immediately.

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